5 Tips For New Runners

Want to get into running? Tried running but blew up within a few minutes?

Maintaining motivation when just starting can be hard! Here are some simple tips that can help you carry on the momentum and enjoy running!

Here are 5 tips to help you in your running journey:

1: Build up slowly

2: Run to time, not distance

3: Work on your breathing

4: Learn to listen to your body

5: Practice pacing

Let’s dive into them more and build out each point.

1: Build Up Slowly

Usually, when people start something new, they go flat out 7 days a week and end up burning out. When you start the trick is to just run 2-3 times per week and build up days slowly. That way you won’t hate it after a fortnight of running every day.

2: Run To Time Not Distance

When you’re first starting out running to time instead of distance can take the pressure off having to hit certain mileage or splits. While running to time you can just focus on form and keeping those feet moving. Let’s start with a run and just keep going until you feel tired. Then note that time, now we’re going to build up. Take 20% off that time. Now run for 80% of your max time and walk the remaining 20%, try running again for another 40% of your time and walk the remaining 60%. Keep building until you can run without stopping for 30 minutes.

3: Work On Your Breathing

Breathing can be a sticking point for some people but with practice, you can improve dramatically!

Try going on some runs with no watch or data and just focusing on your breathing. Keep these runs nice and slow so your breathing stays under control. Zone 1 or Zone 2 running only.

4: Learn To Listen To Your Body

As you start to run more often you will start to feel your body fatigue and get tired. You need to learn when your body needs rest. If you feel like a usual easy run is difficult then that is a good sign that your body needs some rest.

Remember rest is very important!

5: Practice Your Pacing

Most new runners will just run as fast as they can and hold on for as long as possible. That isn’t a smart move. You might feel like you’re holding yourself back but at the start, it’s a good idea to slow it down a bit and just run at a comfortable pace. This will help to build an aerobic base. I find progression runs to work great for practising pacing. Start slow and build up the pace per mile you run. An example of this is:

  • Mile 1 = 10:00
  • Mile 2 = 09:50
  • Mile 3 = 09:40
  • Mile 4 = 09:30
  • Mile 5 = 09:20

These timings are just examples. The times help you focus on not going too fast and they teach you to feel different paces. Do these enough times and you’ll get to know your body a lot more.

Hopefully, this was informative for you. If you like this and want some different workouts for you to try. I post daily workouts and knowledge on my Instagram. Come and take a look @blak_island_run