5 Tips that will make running in the rain, less miserable

running in the rain

How To Make Running In The Rain More Fun!

In this world, we will always encounter two types of people: the type who loves running and the type who couldn’t think of anything worse. For the latter, a run in perfect conditions would be a struggle to get motivated for, chuck some torrential rain in there and there is no chance of seeing them lacing up their shoes. Below I’ll list some tips that will make running in the rain less miserable.

5 ways to embrace running in the rain:

Here’s a quick summary, we’ll dive into each point in more detail below: 

1: Avoid cotton

2: Caps are your friend (they keep water out of your eyes)

3: Invest in a good waterproof jacket

4: Prepare for chafing (Get the Vaseline out)

5: Accept the fact that you’re going to get wet

Let’s get into the above points in some more detail. 

1: Avoid Cotton!

Cotton clothing will absorb water like no tomorrow. This means once you get wet your cotton clothes will soak up all that rain get heavy and cling to your skin.  You will probably suffer more chafing because of the wet fabric sticking to you and the added weight of carrying all the soaked up water will dampen your speed and your spirit. 

2: Wear A Cap

Caps are a perfect accessory for running in the rain. They won’t keep your head dry but they will keep the rain out of your eyes making it easier to see. Caps also help massively with keeping the sweat out of the eyes so I’d recommend them in both the rain and the heat. Running specific caps are great, I really like these caps from Brav Endurance (a local brand based in South Wales) 

3: Invest In A Waterproof Jacket

The running T-shirt you always wear is fine in most weather but when it comes to running in the rain a good waterproof lightweight jacket can make the world of difference. Not only for morale but saving your upper body from getting a hammering from the wind and rain will give you the mental boost you’ll need to finish your session. I have first-hand experience in this. Recently I finished the Brecon to Cardiff Ultramarathon and it rained the whole time! a long wet 9+ hours out in the elements. Waterproof jackets are essential bits of kit in my eyes. the picture below is me smiling my way through sideways wind and rain 

running in the rain

4: Get The Vas Out

Chafing potential increases by 1000% (probably true but don’t fact check me) while running in the rain. There are plenty of areas around the body that will suffer from chafing I won’t list them all here but I’m sure if you’ve run a few times you will know where your body rubs! It might seem like a pain prepping all the time just for a session but trust me it’s worth it.

5: Embrace The Rain

No one can say they get excited about running in the rain. However, you have a session to do and the weather shouldn’t stop you from completing it. Change your mindset from worrying about getting wet to accepting that it’s raining and focusing on the session ahead. 

Final Thoughts

Running in the rain can suck, but it doesn’t have to! Change your mindset, prepare your kit and vas up. 

It’s go time! The session is there to be done, you have goals you want to achieve! Are you really going to let a little rain stop you from achieving them? 

Didn’t think so! 

See you out there!