6 Tips On How To Recover From A Marathon

How To Recover From A Marathon

6 tips to help you recover from a marathon

How to recover after running a marathon

1: The Drop Bag.

The bag you pick up after running. In this bag, you should put things like a recovery shake, protein bar, electrolyte drink. compression tights, tracksuit bottoms & change of top and nice comfy hoodie. Change of shoes or flip flops/sliders. Possibly some Sudocrem if you’ve chaffed in the race. The recovery food and drink will help replace some of the energy you just lost during the race. The clothes and shoes are to make you feel more comfortable post-race and to help you recover from the marathon mentally as well as physically.

2: Walking.

It’s important not to just collapse over the finish line. Keep walking around to bring your heart rate back down after being high for so long. Walking will also help start flushing the lactic acid out. If you must have your post-race tipple ? ?  then walk to the pub.

3: Refuelling.

I doubt your appetite will be that high after a race but like I said earlier. Get that shake and or bar into you as soon as you can. You should try to eat as healthy as possible post-race including some good quality protein carbs and fats but if all you fancy is McDonald’s then it’s much better than eating nothing at all. If it’s been a particularly hot race then try and drink some more electrolytes or put a little bit extra salt on your food.

4: Sleep.

You might be thinking you’re going to sleep like a baby after your marathon but there’s a lot of adrenaline coursing around your body trying to work its way out. You may also feel a bit stiff and achy from the run but don’t worry about it. Nights 2/3/4 you’ll start to get back to normal ??.      

5: Massage.

Now for me, it’s important to get a massage on day 1 or day 3 post-marathon to really get the recovery process going. You may not have access to a massage so you can use recovery tools like a massage gun. Nothing will beat the real thing but massage guns are second best in my eyes. You can also use the recovery boots like Nordic for example. What I’m getting at is something is better than nothing even if you just use a foam roller.

6: Time Off Running.

I think most people will benefit from having at least 5 days off training. Still carrying on walking around. Maybe a little cycling if you have a bike. Just turning the legs over. That can help flush out some more Latic acid. Maybe 6/7 days post-marathon you’ll be able to get back out there for a gentle jog. Keep intensity low for the 2nd-week post-marathon just zone 1/zone 2. (If you don’t know what zones are Then you can read about them here)For most people, it will take 2-3 weeks post-marathon for your legs to get back to normal. So use that knowledge when scheduling your season

Finally, you may experience some post-marathon blues. It’s good to have a reward in place for after you’ve finished. This could be something as simple as taking the family out for a nice meal or treating yourself to some new trainers (my favourite). It’s a big accomplishment and you should be proud of it. Embrace the win of completing it!

Do you have any other tips and tricks you like to do to help you recover from a marathon? I’d love to hear them.