how do i add workouts to my garmin watch

How to create a workout on Garmin Connect 

If like me whether you are in the pool on the track or pounding the pavements it’s impossible to remember the session about 5 seconds after you’ve started. Luckily Garmin connect allows you to download and store up to 25 workouts on your watch. 

This guide will be for the Garmin 735XT watch. 

The TLDR (too long didn’t read the version) 

1: log in to your Garmin connect on a desktop or mobile device 

2: (let’s assume 99% are going to be creating workouts on mobile) select the 3 dots at the bottom with the text *more* 

3: select training then workouts 

4: select *Create a Workout* 

5: Choose your sport 

6: create that session! 

7: click send to phone 

8: sync watch to phone 

9: go smash the workout 💪🏽

Below are more detailed steps with pictures for you to follow. 

From your, Garmin connect app select the 3 dots with more written underneath 

Garmin Connect

Then select training 

Garmin Connect


+ create a workout 

Choose your sport.

It populates with a base workout for you to adjust to whatever you want. You can delete, modify or add whatever you want in here. Let’s keep it simple and create a 15 x 100m workout with a 200m warm up and a 200m cool down 

Use the repeat feature to save time! 

Clicks save in the top right 

Name your workout 

You’ll now get redirected to My Workouts. The workout you have just created will be at the top of the page. 

Select your workout 

Hit the send to the phone icon in the top right 

Go back home and wait for your watch to sync. 

You are now good to go 👍 

From my workouts section, you can delete or duplicate your workouts by simply sliding to the right 

Hope that guide helped you. If there are any other features of the watch you would like guides for just let me know 

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