How To Improve Your FTP

How To Improve Your FTP

First off what is FTP?

FTP for those that don’t know is Functional Threshold Power. This determines the average number of Watts you as a rider can sustain for an hour. It acts as a good measure of fitness for a rider.

How to get your FTP?

So now we know that what FTP is we need to figure out how we work ours out. You start off by doing a 10-minute warm-up then you crack a 5-minute full blast effort followed by 10 minutes of easy spinning to recover. Then we’re into a 20 min flat out effort. This 20-minute effort is to be at a power you can sustain.  Cool down for about 10-15 minutes after it. Once you’ve finished take the 20-minute power and x that power by 0.95, that’s your FTP. An example of this is if your 20-minute effort is 200W then you times that by 0.95 and your FTP is 190W

Ok, so we know what FTP is and how to get our FTP. Now it’s time for some tips to increase your FTP. I have 5 tips for you:

1: Consistency

Making sure your weeks are relatively consistent hour wise. We don’t want some weeks of 7 hours followed by weeks of 1 hour. Try and maintain consistent work on the bike. 6-7 hours a week is perfect.

2: Structured training

There’s no point in just sitting on the saddle aimlessly turning the pedals over just to get your hours up each week. You should get yourself a structured training plan to keep your goals in check.

3: Train in groups

A tiny bit of a contradiction here I know I said you need structured training in your life and that is true. However, I feel that group rides are very beneficial for your training and your social life! It’s difficult to replicate closing the gap to the person in front of you or putting in that extra burst up a hill to overtake your mate.

4: Go Longer

Your FTP is about your aerobic fitness so by training for longer periods your body gets more resilient and your energy system starts to burn fuel more efficiently. 3 plus hour rides will also help you dial in your nutrition because you can’t survive a 3-hour session on just water and a couple of sweets (trust me I have tried it)

5: REST.

Rest is so important & probably just as important as training. Your body needs time to recover, especially in blocks of hard training. During a hard training block, rest periods for 2-3 days will defiantly improve your performance in the long term. These rest periods give your body the much needed time to recover.

There we have it. We’ve covered the What? The How? & the how to improve. If you enjoyed this blog and the tips have helped you improve please let me know by commenting below. I’m interested to find out how much you’ve improved your FTP. If you want some specific FTP workouts send me a message.