ironman training taper

A little update from me…

Training hasn’t been excellent. I haven’t updated for the last month or so but I’ve just been ticking along and no real progress has been made. My longest ride to date is 63 miles, a course recce of the Ironman Wales bike course. I had to cut this short because I run out of liquid and it was 30 degrees with no shops in sight.

There’s a motto we used in the marines:

“No Cuff Too Tough”

I am taking this to the extreme for this Ironman. We are a week away and I couldn’t tell you when I last did any open water swimming. Maybe once this year? I’ll have to check back through my Strava . I haven’t even completed 3/4 of the distance on the bike and my runs have all been super slow and only one long run (15 miles) in since about march time.

If there is anything to take away from this training for me is that you need to realise the volume of training required for this event. The time you need to put in is mental. I still feel confident about completing the Ironman simply because of my mental fortitude. It will be nowhere near as enjoyable as if I had trained more but I just haven’t been able to commit the time to it.

see you on the beach…