Ironman Training

11 weeks out 

Monday – Swim

Tuesday – Swim, Run

Wednesday – Gym, Bike

Thursday – Swim 

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Gym Competition 

Sunday – Bike

Man, I feel sore today. Run down with a cold and the gym competition on Saturday has me feeling stiffer than dried-out cardboard. Also, see ripped skin from the bar work. 

Another week closer and still I’m yet to ride over 50 miles. This isn’t picture-perfect training for my first Ironman 😂

Monday – 1-mile straight swim. 30 minutes 27 seconds. My fastest time on that distance by over a minute. That means in just over a month I’ve knocked a minute off my mile time. Happy with that! 

Tuesday – 16 x 100m averaging 1:45 per 100. About 15 seconds quicker than my estimated race pace. I’m also yet to swim the full distance required so I’ll have to do that before September to see where I am. 

The evening run was 1 hour easy and it was roasting outside! I was bonking hard within about 20 minutes but luckily a PhD vitamin tablet saved me and I was back to normal after about 15 more minutes. 

Wednesday – Tough gym session. Workout was:

  • 4 rounds of
  • 15 cal assault bike 
  • 2 rounds of ‘Cindy’ 

Cindy = 5 pull-ups

              10 press-ups

              15 squats

Assault bikes are the devil! 

The afternoon was a 10-mile ride and it’s the first time I’ve managed to maintain an average pace above 17mph. Awesome! 

Thursday – Feeling very sore so the swim was an easy 6 x 200m and at a relaxed pace. 

Friday – Rest Day 

Saturday – My first competition at the gym. What an eye-opener to how weak I am and how poor my technique is. The format was teams of two with each completing an equal number of reps in the workout. 

First workout: 

WOD Crossfit

Second workout: 

60kg Bar
80 deadlifts
60 hang cleans
40 push press

Followed by. 6 mins to find max reps of
3 deadlift
2 hang clean
1 push press
My effort = 70kg

Third workout: 

60 cal assault bike

16 busters

32 box jumps

16 busters

60 cal assault bike

Sunday – Safe to say I was stiff from Saturday’s work. Had to put the bike in so it was a late evening 1-hour ride. 768ft of elevation so not quite the elevation that I wanted but good enough. 

No brick session this week which I’m disappointed with. Try fit two in next week. A shorter faster one and a longer one on the weekend. Although I should probably have a few days off to get rid of this cold. 

11 weeks to go….