Ironman Wales Training

12 weeks out 

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Swim 

Wednesday – Gym 

Thursday – Swim 

Friday – Gym 

Saturday – Brick session 

Sunday – Rest 

Just shy of 6 hours this week. Strange week. Felt like I had some good sessions but looking back on writing this I realise I have done hardly any training. My most consistent discipline at the moment is swimming. I’m not worried about the run but the bike is still a big question mark for me at the moment. I need to get out for a real long ride 50 miles+ and test myself. 

Monday – Still stiff from the marathon so took another day. 

Tuesday – Swim session, 4 x 500m reps. Great session and happy with the speed. 

Wednesday – Gym – This hurt! Scaled weight. The last 5 reps on 70Kg were ridiculously hard for me. My technique is poor which makes it 10x harder. My focus is Ironman Wales at the moment so I’ll work on that after I complete this. 

Thursday – Swim session – 8 x 200m. Bi lateral breathing more now. Feel like it’s producing quicker times with less energy. Need to do some research on this. 

Friday – Gym – the session was: 

10 minutes as many rounds as possible

10 box jumps

10 dball over shoulder 40kg

10 cal SkiErg

10 db strict press 17.5kg

Saturday – Brick session. This type of session has to be fit in each week. This was 2 hours on the bike followed by 1-hour run. The new tri suit arrived this week. Went with the HUUB Commit Long Course Tri Suit. Got it from Wiggle for £119. Quite comfortable on the bike but a bit tight around the old boy during the run. I’m sure it’ll get better after a few sessions. 

HUUB Tri Suit

Sunday – Fathers day bbq 🤤 – no training! 

This Ironman stuff requires a lot of work. I wonder if I’ll be one of the most unprepared people at the start line…. I’m off to YouTube to see if anyone has done one without any training. 

12 weeks to go….