Ironman Training

13 weeks to go until Ironman Wales 

Monday – Run

Tuesday – AM Swim, PM Brick

Wednesday – AM Gym, PM Bike

Thursday – Swim

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Race 

Sunday – Rest

My first week with over 10 hours of training (more on that later). I’ve realised this week that brick sessions are going to be my key sessions each week! They are going to be the most important sessions to help me complete Ironman Wales. Last-minute race entry on Saturday which was a mountain marathon by a company called Limitless Trails. What a great event, I’ll write a full update on it and link it here once I’m done. Let’s get into this week’s training…

Monday – Trail run, 7 miles on the trails, this session was purely a test for the race I have on Saturday. Also plenty of elevation which is always good 🙂 

Tuesday – Am Swim – Ladder swim practising bilateral breathing. I feel like this will come in handy in the sea. I’ve not done too much research on it but the swim was difficult. Few more weeks and I’ll think I’ll be ok at it. Session was: 

  • 50
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • 400
  • 300
  • 200
  • 100

10 seconds rest between each set. 

PM – short brick session, hard uphill bike (7miles with 653ft of elevation) then a 15-minute run off the bike. This session showed me just how tough it can be to run off the bike. That’s why I’m making brick sessions a key workout of the week. 

Wednesday – Am Gym – the session was brutal:

  • 5 rounds of…
  • 1000m Bike
  • 12 deadlifts at 60kg
  • 21 GHD sits ups (wow these are horrendous)
  • 100m Farmers walks with 24kg Kettle Bell in each hand

PM bike – cut short due to puncture and running out of time to carry on after sorting it out. Happy with the pace though so a good hit out. 

Thursday – Swim – Felt really tired and lethargic. I really did not want to get up and swim that day but consistency wins so I got a session in. Again, working on bilateral breathing. Trying to be more efficient in the water. 

Friday – Rest day before racing on Saturday 

Saturday – Limitless trails the Black Mountains Marathon+ Trail race. I say race but I was never going to be at the sharp end of this simply because I had done 0 training and there were some fantastic runners on the start line. I’ll write a full blog on this race because it really was a cool event. This is the reason for my 10+ hour training week… 6+ hours on the trails haha. 

Sunday – Hobbling around resting up. 

Thinking of adding a swim session on Mondays so that I’m swimming 3 times a week. My theory on this is that the swim distance is 3800m. I swim between 2500-3500 per week. If I add one more session that should get me up over 4000m a week. Hopefully, that will improve my endurance in the pool. We will see… 

13 weeks to go…