Ironman Training

Monday – rest 

Tuesday – rest 

Wednesday – Gym 

Thursday – Swim 

Friday – Gym 

Saturday – ride 

Sunday – brick 

Low volume week this week. Not by choice but because my life is busy at the moment. My daughter’s birthday and being busy at work means fitting in training when I can at the minute. Hopefully, the next few weeks settle down and I can pick the volume back up. My theory still stands that I can finish this Ironman on roughly 8 hours per week. As it’s my first triathlon let alone my first Ironman this is purely speculative of course 😅 

Monday / Tuesday – daughter’s birthday so no training. 

Wednesday – Gym. Workout was: 

  • 8 rounds 
  • 18 Cal SkiErg 
  • 20 thrusters @20Kg 

It was brutal and a lot harder than it looks. 

Thursday – had a little test in the pool. 100m and 1000m 

100m = 1:29 and the first time I’ve managed to break 1:30 so I’m over the moon with that! 

1000m = 18:40 and my quickest time is over 1000m so again, please with that. Shows that my training is working. Now to work on getting my stroke rate down. I’m currently at around 24 strokes per 25m that need to be halved while maintaining speed. If I can do that I’ll save soo much energy. 

Friday – Gym – workout was: 

  • 3 rounds 
  • 1000m bike 
  • 5 squat snatch @ 42.5kg 
  • Rest 
  • 3 rounds 
  • 1000m bike 
  • 5 squat cleans @ 50kg 

Real lung burner and because my technique on the lifts isn’t very good I struggle to lift any more weight. Getting stronger though. 

Saturday – bike. 25 miles with 2.5K of elevation. I need to work on hills more so most of my riding will now involve some form of climbs, pretty easy to achieve that where I live! The bike went well. Was pretty much all Zone2 so basically an easy conversation pace. 

Sunday – brick session. 60 minutes on the turbo followed by a 30-minute run. These brick sessions are going to be important in the lead-up. They will help my body adapt to running on tired legs. Kept it super easy overall but I think I need to re-look at working out my heart rate zones. 

Low volume week but still some decent sessions in there. You will probably look at my training and wonder if the gym work helps or hinders my goal of completing the Ironman. In my head, it’s clearly going to help with strength. However, time will tell. More bike work is still needed but just trying to find the time to get it done. My average time training over the last 5 weeks has been just over 6 hours. 2 hours shy per week of my target. How do people working full-time jobs with a family get more than 10 hours of training in 🤯? 

15 weeks to go….