Ironman Training

Ironman Wales 16 Weeks Out

Monday – Gym

Tuesday – AM Swim, PM Bike

Wednesday – AM Gym, PM Run

Thursday – Swim

Friday – Rest 

Saturday – Run 

Sunday – Waterpark 

Strange feelings at the end of this week. It was a good bank with 6+ hours completed. However, my daughter’s birthday this weekend was a priority which reduced training time. Life takes over and I’m not aiming to be at the sharp end of the race so a weekend off now and again is probably a good thing. 

Monday – Felt tired from the previous week’s training so I did NOT want to get up for the gym. However, consistency wins so I went. Was a poor session and wish I stayed in bed haha. A lesson in there – listen to your body more. 

Tuesday – Swim – 300m reps. The swimming pool was insanely busy so I was dodging breaststrokers for the 45 minutes I was in there. The session was completed though and averaged 1:52 which is coming down nicely. 

  • The ride was a planned 90 minutes at z3 but it was raining bad so I did it on the turbo trainer. Emotional experience spending that long on there! How people spend 2/3/4 hours on there shows how strong they are mentally.

Wednesday – Gym strength work was 5 x 4 on back squats with a 2sec pause at the bottom followed by 5 x 5 on bench press. Then it was this lung burner

Cross Fit WOD

  • Run was just shy of 12 miles at z3 – felt tired from the morning’s training. Getting fit is hard work, isn’t it? 

Thursday – Swim – 30 x 50m reps – quality swim and really happy with the speed. I’ve read somewhere the goal is to swim fast for a short distance then just learn to swim that speed for longer. That’s the theory of course. Come September you’ll know if it worked because I’ll be selling my get faster for a longer swim course! Avg pace was 1:34 

Friday – Rest. Needed, think if I improve my nutrition I will be able to recover from sessions quicker and train more. Sleep isn’t an issue as I average 8 hours most weeks. 

Saturday – Run – My daughter’s birthday weekend so quick hour out on the trails in the morning before the madness began. Love running trails, no pace targets, no distance checking just enjoying the hills

Trail running

Sunday – Part 2 of my daughter’s birthday which was to the waterpark and hotel – lots of high-intensity slide reps and plenty of farmers carries with double rings 

Consistency wins in training but life is more important and it’s good to have some downtime every now and again. Test week next week so training will be reduced I expect while I test to see where how my fitness is. 

16 weeks to go…