Ironman Wales 18 Weeks Out

Training For Ironman Wales 2022

18 weeks to go to Ironman Wales

New format this week to make reading a little easier. I’ll simply list my training below and then talk about how the week went after that. 

Monday – AM: Gym PM: Brick session 

Tuesday – AM: Swim PM: easy run 

Wednesday – AM: Gym PM: nothing 

Thursday – AM: Swim PM: easy run 

Friday – AM: Gym PM: stretching 

Saturday – 0 training

Sunday – Long Run

Overall I’m really happy with this week. Just over 7 hours of training! Nearly reaching the 8-10 hours a week that I feel I need to be able to complete the Ironman. 

Monday – I go to a CrossFit gym 3 times a week so Mon, Wed and Fri are my gym mornings. Brick session in the evening. 10 miles on the bike and 2 miles run off it. Averaged 15mph on the bike which is still 1-2mph slower than what I need to average for the Ironman. Lots more bike work is needed to be able to maintain those speeds, especially with the elevation of the Ironman Wales course. 

Tuesday – 1800m in the pool. The session went as follows: 









With 10 seconds rest between each rep. Averaged 1:54 per 100m. I’m aiming for around 1:55 on average come race day so I’m happy where my swim is at the moment. The evening was just a nice easy 3.5-mile run.

Wednesday – Good gym session in the morning and no training in the evening. I don’t have all the time in the world to train so need to make sure I spend some time with the family. 

Thursday – 5 x 200m with the pull buoy. I have to be home by 7:30-7:40 in the mornings so I can get breakfast and do the school run. The pool doesn’t open until 6:30 so my swim training needs to be mainly form focused. As it gets warmer I can do some open water swims to get the volume in. 

Friday – Gym followed by some stretching in the evening. I’m going to incorporate some mobility in the evenings a few times a week. I’ll do this once my daughter is in bed so as not to get in the way of her time. 

Saturday – This is where life comes before training, my wife was working and out all day so I was on dad duties all day. Perfect rest day to be fair 

Sunday – half marathon in the night. Felt harder than it should considering the pace (avg 8:59) I didn’t eat for around 5 hours before I started so that could have been a factor. Need to focus on nutrition more. 

Bike work is the main takeaway from this week. Not doing enough of it! 

18 weeks to go…