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I originally wanted to do Ironman Wales back in 2020 before the obvious stopped the world turning. Then Ironman UK fell on my birthday and I thought, perfect, since Ironman Wales hasn’t be on since 2019, I didn’t think they’d release any more spaces. As soon as entries for Ironman UK come out I signed up. Then….


Baby number 2 is due on the weekend of Ironman UK 😂. You couldn’t make the timing up. My options were: 

  • defer to Ironman UK 2023 
  • Partial refund 😭
  • Try and transfer to another race in Europe. 

Partial refund was ruled out in a heartbeat. Number 1 I hate losing money and number 2 I really want to complete an Ironman triathlon. 

Deferring seemed the likely option as I reached out to Ironman support and they didn’t really let on as if any more places for Wales would be opening up. 

However, I had until 45 days before 3rd July to defer so I thought I’d let it run and hope they’d release some places and what a fantastic decision that was. They released places about 4 weeks ago and I’ve been trying to transfer ever since. After about 100 emails and numerous open support tickets, I managed to get the transfer form sorted and secured my place to Ironman Wales 2022. 

Here’s the problem…

We’re 20 weeks out and I haven’t been on the bike since Jan/early Feb. Even then it was all turbo trainer and never more than an hour a time. I also ripped my tyre on the turbo and I haven’t replaced it yet 

Ripped Turbo Tyre


I know what you are thinking. Your first triathlon, it’s a full distance on a very tough course and you have only 20 weeks to train and you don’t have a working bike at the moment. 

Welcome to my preparation 🥰 

I like to prepare for things but I also bounce between ideas constantly so it’s hard for me to stay focused on one thing. I’m not aiming to be at the sharp end of this race I’m just hoping to finish in under 15 hours. 

Why 15 hours you ask? No idea, it’s just 2 hours before the cut off and I think 14:something seems like a decent enough time for my first hit out. 

I’m going to be documenting my training weekly in these blog formats and I’ll also be sending out my week’s training schedule each Sunday night. Sign up below to receive the training emails. 

Blogs will be published each Monday on the previous week’s training. 

I am very limited for training time so this is going to be a test to try and fit the volume in. Each session during the week must be very specific and I will use the weekends for my volume running and cycling. 

That’s it for now. See you Monday for the beginning. 

P.s my foot is pretty fucked up at the moment. I get pain after walking on it for 10 minutes or so. Swimming cycling and strength work will be the focus for the first week to see if it heals it. 

Ok definitely finished now. Sign up below and I’ll send my first week’s training out Sunday night.