Ironman Wales 6 weeks out

What an emotional 4-5 weeks! 

After 2 years of dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge it finally got me and I caught the Vid. I was only testing positive for about a week – 10 days. However, the effects have lasted longer than I thought. In that time my second child came into this world 💙

It’s been a crazy time and it has affected my training a lot more than I anticipated. Basically, I haven’t done anything! 

So, what does that mean for my journey to IMWales? Well, my time goal is out the window. Now I’m just focusing on getting around. 

I think it’s still possible. There are just under 7 weeks to go. This is how I’m planning on training for the next 6 weeks. It will have to be flexible because of the newborn but if I can fit the majority of the sessions in then I believe it’s achievable. 

2 x swim sessions 

2 x run sessions 

2 x bike sessions 

1 x brick session 

Swims – 2 x 90-minute swims. One will be faster with shorter intervals. The second one will be longer endurance sessions. 

Run – 1 x shorter run reps working on speed. 1 x longer run. This longer run will be 8 miles plus working at ironman pacing 

Bike – same as the run. Aiming for a higher cadence speed work for 1 of the runs and longer bigger gear ride working on strength and time in the saddle. 

Brick – this is going to be a key session and the biggest session of the week. Needs to be 40+ miles and at least 30 minute run off. I believe these sessions will be key to survival in Tenby 

Training has hopefully already started by the time of publishing this so let’s hope next week I can have a decent week of training updated for you. 

6 weeks to go…