limitless trails black mountains marathon

Limitless trails black mountains marathon 

What A Race! 

I’ll give the full breakdown from start to finish below but just wanted to introduce this blog by saying limitless trails are a fantastic event company who can’t do enough for you. Service is second to none! 

Registration – you can register the day before the event or on the morning of. I went the morning of as I only live about an hour away. Registration opened at 06:00am and was very quick and easy. Kit check complete there was tea and coffee on hand pre-race 🙌🏽

Race start – the race started at 07:00 am and just before we began the rain stopped. we began by going up a steep hill and by steep I mean I didn’t run for the first half mile steep.

 Heart rate straight to maximum within 5 seconds. The route takes you through baking hot valleys and up and over Table Mountain where the views are just insane. You have to endure some steep climbing to get up to the top(my Strava shows one point of this climb hitting 34%) but once you are up there it’s beautiful. As I ran across the top the classic welsh weather came in and there was driving wind and rain for a good 30 minutes or so. 

You then descend down through some technical forest trails to the second checkpoint. After refilling and stocking up on biscuits it’s back up you go. There is where it went wrong for me and I got lost for a good 15 minutes wandering around and looking at my watch climbing barbed wire fences trying to get back on track. Once my navigational challenges were over I headed back down the valley before another looooong climb. Roughly 2 miles in length but when you’re 22 miles into the race it feels more like a 20-mile climb. Once you reach the top you have to sort of guess your way to the edge of the before a long steep descent to the final checkpoint. 

After the final checkpoint, you run some lanes before the final steep climb back to the finish line. Hitting the climb at around 26 miles HURTS. My legs didn’t want to function but as the sign at the bottom says. 

“It’s only a hill, get over it” 

You hear the bells ringing for finishers in front of you ( a lot of bells in my case 😅) which spurs you on to get the legs moving and get across the line. Greeted with a handshake and a very cool medal you are then welcomed into the recovery house. 

  • hot food 
  • Cold food 
  • All the drinks you can imagine 
  • Physio on hand (painfully incredible) 
  • Showers 

The directing staff are superb. Welcoming and friendly and giving you whatever you need to relax and recover after what is a very challenging slightly longer than a marathon race. 

Important points – this race is self-navigation so make sure you are comfortable with using a GPS watch or old-school map & compass. It’s very easy to go wrong ( I lost a good 10-15 minutes on one section and that wasn’t the only time I got lost) 

Final points – limitless trails is a well-organised events company running events from 10k to Ultra Marathons. If you fancy taking on a challenge in Wales then definitely take a look at the upcoming events from these guys. 

Also here are some stats about the course: